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Dog Shampoo for Dogs

What is the most suitable shampoo for my dog?

Our dogs love to go out to play in the street, in the park, on the beach, in the forest … And to bathe in the grass and on all kinds of surfaces (some are cleaner than others) such as sand, leaf litter, mud, etc. It is natural and very healthy to play even if they get dirty, since fortunately, a good bath can leave your dog as new and in a state of immense happiness.

Different dogs, different shampoos


The frequency with which you should bathe your dog will be determined by your lifestyle, whether it is a more active dog or a more passive dog. If you live in the country or in a flat. If you have long or short hair. Usually long-haired animals usually need a monthly wash and those with short hair can hold more time between baths. The ideal to be calm and not cause any damage to the skin or fur is that it is a specialist who determined that frequency in the bathroom.

Once we have clear the frequency, it is the moment to look for the most suitable product. Keep reading to find out which is the best shampoo for your pet.

Bathing dogs is bad and more if you use shampoo.

We have denied this in many articles. Bathing dogs frequently is not bad, the bad thing is not doing it correctly or with the right products.

Nobody cares because your dog takes a bath in the pool or the river once or twice a week, but we panic if we add the shampoo to the equation, since it is accused of removing fats from the skin. I remind you that we also have those fatty acids and shower daily without any problem.

The shampoo itself is not bad, the bad thing is not using the right one for our dog, not clearing it well and not drying to perfection, leaving the animal moist for hours.

Why do we need dog shampoo?

For the same reason that we need to shower or brush our teeth: hygiene and health.

Most dogs live in partnership with us in our homes, we share with them the sofa, the bed, the car and some even the table, and I doubt very much that anyone enjoys living with a stinking bug that leaves its trail of bad smell where it happens

The hair is a wonderful accumulator of fat and where there is grease, it will stick all kinds of dirt. The fats of the soil, the evaporated ones and those of our hands when caressing them, are staying in the hair that in turn is collecting all the possible dirt.

My dog ​​does not need shampoo, he lives in a city apartment.

This is another very common mistake. Dogs that live in the city are more exposed to dirt and pollutants due to the pollution of cars, factories, dirt from the sidewalks … It is not strange to see long-haired dogs with their legs and skirts literally black after a walk to the park.

Short hair is cleaned only with brushing.

There is some truth in this. Short-haired dogs are kept fairly clean only with frequent brushing. The hair follicle cycle of these dogs is much shorter than that of others, so they release much more hair than one with long hair. For when the hair is already too dirty, it is most likely that you have finished your cycle and fall naturally or by brushing. Even so, a good bath will help keep the hair cleaner and brighter, and if the dog is dry skin, using a good conditioner will help control this dryness, itching and dandruff.

Shampoos for dogs are of poor quality, better a human one.

This was true 30 or 40 years ago. To this day, there is cosmetics for dogs that compete in quality with the highest ranges of human cosmetics. The bad thing is that they continue to market shampoos for dogs of poor quality and compete in ingredients with a dishwasher, but this also happens with some human products.

The bad thing about dog shampoo.

Shampoos are designed to clean and unfortunately, today there is no human or animal use that is intelligent and clean only dirt. All the shampoos on the market wash the same dirt, residues and the hydrolipidic layer of the skin that it needs to keep in good conditions. So it’s true, shampoos for dogs and humans take with them a lot of natural fats.

The good news is that even if this happens, the  hydrolipid layer recovers completely in about 24 hours, so there will be no side effects. In addition, if we use a good shampoo and a mask or conditioner, we will be protecting the skin until it stabilizes itself.

Bathe when needed.

There is no exact time to bathe our dogs, each dog has a different type of life and skin / hair, also our time or facilities to do so come into play. It is normal and practical to do it once a month, but in some cases, like long-haired dogs, it is recommended to do it every week.

In addition, we must take into account our needs. If there are allergic people or there are babies at home, bathing more frequently is essential.

The important thing is to use good products, do not use very hot water and dry perfectly with cold or warm air.

Types of shampoos for dogs

There are many different brands and types of shampoos . And just as it happens to us, sometimes choosing the right one can become a bit disconcerting. What you have to be very clear is that dogs should not bathe with human shampoo, the shampoo should be and be formulated especially for them. Choosing one or the other varies depending on: 

  • The age of the dog
  • The type of coat
  • The special needs of the animal

Types of shampoo according to the age of the dog

Shampoo for puppies

It is very important that you wait until the end of the vaccination period (approximately 3 months of age) to give your puppy the first bath. After this period, it is logical that we use a different shampoo for this step that we will use when it is an adult dog. The shampoos for puppies come prepared with an extra of softness since the puppies with just a few months have skin and hair much more delicate

Dry cleaning for puppies and elderly dogs

If in your case, the puppy is so small that you still can not wet it, or on the contrary, your dog is old, there are dry cleaning shampoos that absorb excess fat and eliminate odors.

Types of shampoo according to your coat

Another determining aspect is the type of hair that your animal has, so look for a specific shampoo depending on this:

Shampoo for short-haired dogs

In the case of short-haired dogs (such as chichuahua or doberman), they do not have as many problems of entanglement as do long-haired dogs, but they still need a shampoo that thoroughly nourishes their hair and keeps their skin healthy.

Shampoo for long-haired dogs

If your dog has long hair, you will know how important it is to undo the knots, enhance the shine and softness of the hair. That is why it is also essential that when bathing your dog with long hair you apply the shampoo with a careful massage so as not to entangle the hair more than it may already have and not irritate the skin.

Shampoo for dogs with white hair

White-haired dogs are the most dirty. A specific shampoo for white-haired dogs is specially designed to eliminate gray and yellow spots that are usually generated on a white coat, providing shine to your dog’s hair without using chlorine or aggressive chemicals. The presence of natural collagen in this type of shampoo increases the protection of the color and provides softness and silkiness to the coat of your dog.

Shampoo for dogs with black hair

This soap in addition to dogs with black mantle, also works well for dogs with dark hair. Its composition with natural collagen increases and protects the color and makes the skin of your dog look bright, smooth and healthy.

Types of shampoo according to special needs

Hypoallergenic or dermatological shampoo

Hypoallergenic shampoo is indicated for dogs with sensitive skin. It is a very mild shampoo that should not irritate your dog’s skin. It helps to avoid skin problems and keeps the different layers of hair clean. This is a good option if your dog usually has allergies or skin irritations. It is also valid for stings, eczema, hair loss, dry skin or dandruff. And if the case of your dog is that it has very dry hair, the ideal is to opt for a moisturizing shampoo.

Antiparasitic shampoo

An antiparasitic shampoo, as its name suggests, is indicated to repel parasites. It will serve you if your dog has caught fleas, because when bathing it with a flea shampoo it will kill them immediately. But do not confuse terms, this does not mean that it prevents you from taking them again. Anti-parasitic shampoo is suitable for killing parasites, not as prevention.

Soothing shampoo

This type of shampoo is ideal to soothe and cool the coat and skin. It is good for dogs with sensitive skin. It is especially indicated for the treatment of itching, allergies and inflammations.


Neutral shampoo

Of course, there is also neutral shampoo for general use and frequent use. It is the most versatile shampoo since it can be used for most dogs, in general the least demanding, are gels that fulfill the functions of cleaning and hydration. This type of neutral shampoos can be found with different aromas and ingredients.


Finally, if you want to prepare a bath of ten, you can come very well to have a mitten hand to bathe the dog, essential to get a super absorbent towel to dry (can absorb up to 1 liter of water) and for more presumed, you will love to spray them with a cologne of natural fragrances after the bath, so that when you walk around the house you will leave a pleasant aroma.

If you do not have enough time or space to bathe your dog comfortably do not hesitate to bring your pet to our Kiwoko beauty salonswhere they will bathe your dog with great care and with exclusive products adapted to each race and style. You’ll have the neater dog in the neighborhood!

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